Sunday, June 17, 2012

Design Star

I loved the last Design Star episode sooooo much.  I am obsessed with  Kardashian home decor, especially Kris Jenner.  The contestants made over her office building and it was right up my alley. These are some pics from the show.  

Those green color tufted couches are awesome!

 That wall paper is the inspiration for my porch painters tape wall.  I thought it was greek key design, I was wrong.  I still love it.
 I love that mirrored wall on the right!
Do you guys watch this show?  It's way better then watching another episode of House Hunters.  My favorite contestant is Danielle. This was Danielle's work for Kris Jenner.  There was more to this room I was just unable to find more pictures of it.  Love the stripes!  
She also did this room for the white room challenge.  I love the gold accent color and dramatic plant.  I think I need some vegetation in the porch, hmmmmmmm.
Happy Fathers Day to all the good Fathers out there!

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