Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vintage Nut Bowl

Yea!! I finally got my nut bowl all situated!  I love the retro look!  My Grandparents always had this out when I was little and wanted to have one too.  I got it at a garage sale this past summer.  Love!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Decor

Hey everybody, I know it's been awhile.  I have not had a typical holiday season this year.  My mother had to have triple bypass surgery, so I have been helping her as much as I can.  I did manage to get my tree and other decorating done this past week.  The kids have been sick and I was home and able to get this done.  This is my tree and mantle this year.

 I did the lighted deer head again and added a couple more deer that I got at Michael's.  I got a fur rug at my once a year trip to Ikea to put under the tree.  The tree is fake.  It was a good decision with a one a half year old pulling ornaments off of it constantly.  The other nice thing is that it has a remote control to control the lights.  It can be white lights, colored lights , or both.  

This is my retro vignette   I love the wood nut holder and the bubble lamp.  It wouldn't be complete without a Perry Como Christmas album.  Speaking of records, I had to move my record player and albums.  Tom has a mid century record album/holder that I brought up from down stairs.  Love it.

I am so excited about Christmas this year, I have an awesome present that I will be getting that I can't wait to share.  I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Door Art

I was getting so tired of my door look going on down the stairwell.
The plan is to paint all that real wood paneling white, I just can't deal with it right now.  So I decided to just update the look of the door.  The clock does not work right, so that had to definitely go.  I am really digging on gold right now, so wanted to add some of that in the mix. This is what I came up with.  I know the frames are not all level, not sure if that is good or bad.....opinions?

Then the other day I decided to paint a picture that I got at Goodwill the same colors as the door.  I had originally put a picture frame in that as well.....
Then tried this....
Then of course this....
I wasn't really feeling any of those ideas, then I realized I got this subway system map from New York city circa 1978 at a garage sale.  It fits perfectly inside the frame. What do you guys think?

So that's it.  I am digging it.  I have some real "subway" art now..  I am sorry I am such a bad blogger lately.  I am actually still doing decor stuff, just too lazy to post..  Ughhh maybe it is just a phase..

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Harvest Market Finds

We had our annual Harvest Market in our town and pretty much it's a lot of garage sales (AWESOME), food, and music.  I got some cute stuff that I want to show you.

I got this gold frame for 50 cents.  I downloaded this wash your hands print from 4 men 1 lady blog.  Love it!  It's my favorite thing in the kitchen right now and it only cost me 50 cents.

I picked up this rocking horse for $1.25.  It was the perfect size for Molly, and I love how vintage it is.  I looked it up on ebay when I got home to see if it was worth anything, and turns out it sells for $299.99 on there.  I guess I got a good deal.  It's so cute!
I picked up some of these Pumpkin Lanterns.  I am not sure if that is their official name, but that is what my Mom calls them.  I am not a huge fan of fake flowers, so these are a perfect dried arrangement.  I also got the cute little pumpkin.
The first sale I went to was a preschool fund raising sale that is known for having great kid stuff.  I got there nice and early and started looking around.  I have been wanting to get a new stroller because I have been using a snap and go, and Molly has outgrown that.  I saw this black and white polka dot stroller that I loved, but it was $50.00.  I left the sale and was on my way.  Well the next morning (Sunday) I woke up super early and couldn't stop thinking about that stroller.  It was going to be half off at that sale today, and maybe that stroller would still be there if I was lucky.  I loaded the kids up, drove by and everything was covered up, ughhhh they were not even open yet.  There was a women selling food out front so I asked when they would be opening and she said 9:30.  She asked me what I wanted, I told her and the stroller was mine for $25.00.  This stroller sells for $399.00 at Target.  Yessss  another deal.  This thing corners like it's on a rail.  I love the polka dots!
Had a wonderful time, and love my new treats.  I got a couple other things as well, but they are under construction.  I will show them later.  Have a great day!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Eye Spy Me Finally Doing A Post

Holy Crapoly I have had some horrible technology luck.  Our laptop finally completely @#$% the bed.  I was only able to use my Iphone for a spell, then the last day of using the pool I accidentally dropped my phone in the pool.  Ughhhhh.  I decided that I am going to wait for the Iphone 5 which is going to be like two more weeks.  If you have ever been without a cell phone, the Iphone in particular you will realize how much you love having it.  We just got our laptop fixed, and increased our internet speed through cable.  I am back in business.  Oh yeah we also got an Ipad.  I need to figure out how to do a post on it because I have changed a few things up around here and need to figure out how to get it on me blog.  I also just got the Restoration Hardware catalog and it is quite AWESOME, and large.  LOVE IT!!!!  Please bare with me during this technology tragedy, it doesn't help that I know nothing about computers.  I still wonder how all you decorators out there are so good at photography and computers, I must have slept through that class or something.  

(P.S.  Isn't that picture of little Noah so cute.)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Couch

Just a quick post to let you know that I have a new couch in my radar.  My brother is going to be selling his current couch to purchase a new sectional.  I am going to get his old one from West Elm.  It is very similar to this one.
My brothers couch is more dark brown.  I am so excited!  I love how it is low profile and modern looking!  I also have come up with a new stand for our TV that I hope to get done tomorrow.  Have a great day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bar Cart

Around July 1, I had posted that I wanted to find a bar cart garage saleing,  check here.  I said, " if you wish it, it will come."  Well the very next morning I hit the streets, and at the last garage sale I found one.  It was one of those garage sales where you are close to driving by, then you change your mind and want to go and practically get in an accident turning in.  There she was my bar cart.  It had a sticker that said $30.00 or best offer.  I offered the guy $20.00 which looking back I think he would have taken $15.00. 
The cart is pretty cool because all four of those trays come off for serving purposes.  The cart also folds up for space saving.  It is a sturdy piece believe it or not.
I decided right away that I wanted to spray paint her gold.  It was a very easy paint job.
She sat like this for awhile, while I brainstormed on how to make her look better.  I finally decided that I wanted to get some mirrors cut to size to fit in each tray.  I still love that idea, but have been so busy with summer relaxing and back to school stuff that it isn't on the priority list.  The other day though I decided to play around with it since I would be putting mirrors on the trays anyway.  I got our black electrical tape out and tried to make the Greek key design. 
I really like the finished product, I say Hollywood regency all the way.  I am loving this pattern right now, big time.  I still need to style the cart perfectly, and hope to find some nice accessories at some end of season garage sales.
These will have to do for now.
I couldn't believe I found this cart right after I said I would find one.  I haven't seen any since, so it was meant to be!
  Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I have just not been in the crafty mood.  The weather has been awesome, and I have been enjoying the pool with the kids.  I hope you all are having a good summer, there are only a couple more weeks of really good weather so enjoy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hey There

Just a quick post to say I am still here.  I had my class reunion Saturday and had a guest here, so I wasn't able to post.  This is my high school class twenty years later.  I am the chicky to the left, front row, in black holding a Bud Light.
We had a great time, so much fun. I love that restaurant sign hanging above with the ivy growing all over.  
     This is the chalkboard message I made for my friend "Pecker" to see when she arrived at the house.  That is an odd nickname I know, but her last name is Peck and that it what we used to call her.
We had such a great weekend!  I am so sad it is over.  In other news I learned that bug spray does not go well with my fabulous dining chairs.  Tom, Adam and I had a mad game of Jenga going on the other night and it started with us playing sitting in the chairs, but that didn't last for long because it got this big and we had to move around.
Tom had been outside before we played the game and had put bug spray on.  It completely etched into the plastic of the chair.  Ughhhhhhhhhh We will have to get a new one when we go to Ikea sometime.  The closest one is four hours away.  Do not get bug spray on plastic or near you smartphones, just a tip.
I am also adding a couple new pics of the kitchen, living room, and mudroom to my home tour page.  I had to clean before Pecker got here, so  I took that opportunity to take some pics of our super clean house.
This picture is of the living room with the fireplace visible.
This is one of the mudroom.
This is the view showing the new microwave in the kitchen.  I need to paint my hall of fame wall white.  I am just dreading taking all those pictures down......Nightmare!
Take it easy, I need to get into craft mode stat.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pool Fountain

Tom just put in a water fountain in the pool.  I am not sure if those are cheesy or not, but we all seem to love it.
It is so nice to look at in the evening.  It sounds like you are next to a brook.

The weather has been so nice here, and we have just been enjoying the hell out of it!!  I have my twenty year class reunion this Saturday. I don't see myself getting involved in any projects, just perfecting my tan.  I have a friend flying up here from Florida and can't wait to spend some time with her.  Hope you all are enjoying summer as well, there is only about four more weeks left.  I don't even want to think about that!  Fall projects are not in my radar right now.  I could live with this weather all the time!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Hey there I am back.  I took a break for a few days from blogging.  I have been busy cleaning and organizing my oldest son Adams room plus enjoying the pool.  I will post more on that later.  I did hit some garage sales with Tom on Friday.  I got a couple of records, the Bangles who I love, and Bon Jovi.  I also went to an estate sale and found two vintage necklaces that I adored.  I have been watching Design Stars and kept seeing Britney with this fabulous gold chunky necklace.
I think she should have won on the show, she was awesome!
I then spotted this at an estate sale for $1.50.  So Cool!
I also got this cute vintage pearl necklace.  I think it would look cute with a black tank top and jeans.
I painted my nails for the first time in forever.

It probably doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but it's big doozens for me.
On Sunday we had Molly's first birthday party. I thought I should paint her nails for the first time as well.

I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I put Kit Kats around the outside, with a pink ribbon.  I saw this on pinterest and had to try it. It was so good!
I also had a small bouquet of carnations for her special day!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pool Gate and Railing

Tom finished the work on the pool gate and pool railing.  It was super important for us to be able to put a pad lock on the gate, mission accomplished.  He also put the balusters on the railings going down the stairs.  These are some pictures of his work.  

We need to add some copper solar light covers to the bottom posts, and that job will be done.  We have really been enjoying swimming in the pool lately!  It is a rainy today, so no swimming. How are things with you guys?  Done any awesome projects lately?  Love to see them.