Friday, August 16, 2013

Tropicana Love

I so love the Tropicana plant. It is so beautiful!  We have two on our newly stained deck.  I love how they make the deck look tropical, without the worries of bees for the most part.  They only flower once at the end of summer (for me anyway), but when they do they are drop dead gorgeous! I also love the fact that they are a bulb that I can cut down in the fall and bring inside during the cold months.  When summer rolls back around, I replant and enjoy all over again.  It saves on the cost of buying new plants year after year.  I do this with hostas and arborvitaes as well.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Front Porch Tiled

This is a long time coming for us.  The porch was started several years ago, click HERE to see the post.  Tom is a serious perfectionist, and knew that it was a job he didn't want to tackle, not to mention with a bad back.  Tiling and backs do not go hand in hand.  We ended up hiring a guy who had done some tiling in the past for Tom.  It took the guy about three stretched out days due to the weather.  We are very happy with it!  We have not really styled it yet, but with it being end of summer I probably wont until next year.  The tile is done though and we love it.  You do not see tiled porches that often here in the Northeast.    

We did get some landscaping done as well.  We planted that weeping cherry tree, so cute.  I can't wait for it to grow and form an umbrella shape.  We will also be hanging a big american flag soon, I'll be posting a pic of that.

Here is where we started....