Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DIY Headboard

Tom and I were tired of having no headboard, when one day Martha Stewart was making one on her show.  We decided at that moment to do it.  We had an extra hollow core door, we went to Jo-Ann fabrics with coupon in hand (thank god) because that green foam is expensive.  I feel like it was $60 with coupon.  The fabric we got was on clearance for I believe $6.00.  The fabric was a faux leather.  We wanted something easy to clean, and comfortable.  The buttons we got were a little pricey, they are from Italy and just looked a little different.The biggest challenges of this project were the buttons.  It was hard to make them look even so keep an eye on that when you do this.  I would also say make sure you pull the fabric tight when stapling it to the door.  I wouldn't bother cutting the door at all.  We cut ours, and we have a king and we wish we wouldn't have it is a bit narrow for our bed.  If you have an air compressor with stapler that would work best.
   I plan on getting new bedding for my bed, I have a little too much black and white going on in there.   When I designed it, I pretty much designed it around the fact that our baby was going to be staying with us for awhile.  Noah's crib bedding matches our bedding.  It is hard to decorate with a little one in your room.  We our lucky to have a really big bedroom.  Our house has three bedrooms including ours.  Brianna will be going to College next fall, so little Noah will have his own room then.  This is the instructional from Martha

Here is Noah's crib.



  1. I have always wanted to try that, yours turned out beautiful! Love the leather!
    Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. I've been pondering doing a DIY headboard for a while and never found a fabric I wanted to do it with. You mentioning the leather lit a lightbulb over my head, thanks for the idea!


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