Thursday, September 30, 2010

CSN Store Gift Certificate Giveaway

I am honored to be offering my first giveaway from a store based out of my favorite city Boston.  They have beautiful end tables at their site along with other wonderful products.  The store is CSN Stores.  They have a little bit of everything at their store.  They have tons and tons of home decor, in the latest styles.  Here are a few of the treasures they have.                    
                                    I love this lamp!

I am in love with this wallpaper

and I loveeeee this end table!

Click the highlighted word end table to see all their cool stuff.

So if you would like to the chance to win a $35.00 gift certificate, and you are a resident in the U.S or Canada.
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Leave me a comment with something you love from their end table area of their site.  Please leave your email address so we can contact you.

I will use to draw the winner.  It will end October 4.

Thank you and good luck!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here is my Rock, Paper, Scissors art.  I found the little scissors at a garage sale, I got the paper from an old book, and I had the rock.  I put them in a shadow box. I love how it turned out, I was not impressed with my gorilla glue though.  I hate the way it foams all over the place. 
It is a pretty cool piece of art, if I do say so myself.  I must say I am the queen of this fun little game.  1, 2, 3, SHOOT.
Check it out.

I put this on the penny pinching party at  Find the linky at the bottom of my blog.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I had a busy weekend.  On Friday and Saturday we had our multi family garage sale.  The sale went well, we got rid of stuff and made $155.  Here are some pics.

Then I made a trade to get this bad daddy below.  I love cotton candy, and now I can have it when ever I want.  It works great.

This is where we went today, and check out my new glasses.  I love them so much.  I knew they would have some.

I also got this book below for Adam, and just a keepsake written by Laura Bush and Jenna Bush.  The license plate is for She is collecting them for her son's room, and still needs Vermont.  I am going to send it to her.

And this is a pic of the fam in one of those photo booths.  I love the top left one.  Noah is like, "I know your not kissing my Mama."

This is my friend Anna's dad, he sells homemade wooden bowls.

I will hopefully be able to show the little project I finished soon.  Tom has been working mad amounts of overtime and I need him to hang what I got.  It is heavy, and am gonna wait until he is rested.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Designer Challenge

I am so happy, I had two designers take on my designer challenge this past two weeks.  I feel like that is pretty good considering I had no designers the two weeks before.  This week I want someone to show me what they can do with the theme Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Tom and I go back and forth on this art idea.  I will not say what he wants, or I want.  I will just show you, and I hope he shows me too.(doubt it)  So show me what you come up with, this is a favorite side game of mine, and feel like it should be showcased more.  I hope for three designers this week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010 won my designer challenge is the winner of my nature challenge.   I love what she did!  Check it out.
Next challenge coming soon!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Little Of This And That Today

I did some early morning garage saleing this morning.(of course I did I am an addict)  I didn't find a ton of stuff, it is getting colder outside and the garage sales are getting few and far between.  I found a really cute wooden tray for a buck, I think I will put some decorative balls in there and place on the dining room table.  I got another little black metal basket for a quarter.  I got my son a brand new pair of crocs for seventy five cents.  I also got a cute cowboy boot glass and girl bootie glass.  I collect glasses from the eighties, and remember these when I was a kid.  I will show my collection later.  Here are my finds.

  Have a great weekend.

Bench Makeover

I went garage saleing last weekend and saw this bench.  I thought this would fit perfectly in my living room entryway.  I paid $10.00 for it and happily carried it to my car.  I guess I have no sense of space at all.  I thought it would fit in my trunk perfectly. (nope, not even close)  Then I thought it would fit in my front seat. (ummm no)  I was about to freak, when my friend Kim was like, "Heather is that you?"  I was so happy, because one I hadn't seen Kim in awhile, and two her car could easily fit this bench, it was "fate".

It started out looking like this.
I got so excited and involved I started priming without taking a good before.  It was pretty beat up. So here is the bench primed up.

Alright so here is the finished project.

Can I just say I love that fabric.  Anyway, so the bench was done and Tom brought it in to see how it would look, and it looked terrible.  It wasn't the bench itself, it was just too big.  I instantly knew I didn't like it.  I have no other place to put it, so it was a big ol waste of time.  I will be selling it at my garage sale, but I am taking that fabric off, and making a pillow.  I have some spare fabric I will recover the bench  in.  That fabric was expensive and I love it, so I will be keeping that.  Oh well.
News Flash:
Sold the bench at our garage sale for $35, not to bad.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Your Childs Best Halloween

Alright, so here is the costume that I guarantee will make your child's Halloween totally unforgettable!  My son Adam wanted to be R2D2 a couple years ago, and I wasn't really thrilled with the store bought costumes so I decided to make my own.  I did some research online, and took a little bit of ideas from all the R2D2 costumes I saw.  I bought a garbage can and sawed out holes for the arms.  I then used duct tape and blue tape to go around the holes, and taped down the flippy thing where trash went.  I also bought some blue foam for decorating along with a black marker for some design.  I got some lights to make it pow! 
Adam wore this costume and was a complete hit!  I even took him to the Prudential mall in Boston for an early trick or treating showoff, and let me tell you everyone in the mall was pointing and mentioning how much they loved it.  He was even waving at people.  He will never forget it.  Adam wants to do it again, but I think we need to move on.  Here are some pics.  The lights don't show up very well in the pictures, but they seriously made the costume.

Adam was R2D2 two years in a row.  I was of course Darth Vader.  Adam and I have done a lot of theme Halloweens together.
Adam: Scooby Doo
Me: Thelma
Adam: Thomas the Train
Me: Sir Topin Hat
And of course our Star Wars theme
This year we may have another good one.  I will show pics when complete.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Goodwill n Michaels Trip

I was hoping to take a nap earlier this morning, but the little one wouldn't hear of it (ughhhhhhhhhhhh).  So off to McDicks and some mild thrifting.  I first went to Michael's I needed some magnets for a project I am working on, but I couldn't help but look around.  I found this cute wicker light ball that I love!!  It was $5.99 which in my world is like $100.00, but I had to have it. Here is the pic.

It's hard to take a good pic of the way it lights, it is like a little round piece of Christmas.  My fourteen month old will not keep his little paws away from it.  The best thing is that it is plugged into an outlet that is activated from a switch on the wall, love when that happens!
I also went to Goodwill which is always an adventure.  I want to make one of those candles with the sweater wrapped around it.  I got the idea here  So I looked for a cable sweater at Goodwill and found one.  It appeared to have a stain on the front of it, but I didn't care because I was using the arms of the sweater mostly and it was only $2.50.  When I went to check out the clerk was like did you see that stain, I was like yea I don't care because I am using it for a project.  The nice lady only charged me 99 cents.  When I got home I was showing Tom the sweater and he was like what is that, I was like it's a stain but then I looked at it a little further and realized it was a bird.  Hmmmm weird.  I also got a pair of cute boots, I found another "pair" I would of liked better they were a nice black tall leather boot, well the sad part was I only found one.  I looked everywhere for the other one.  I was not happy.  Here is the pic of the sweater that will soon be covering some vases.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Hallway doors

I am currently in the middle of projects.  I will show the pics when I am done.  I never posted pictures of a past project that Tom had done in the house.  The doors in the hallway used to be luan hollow doors, and we decided to put in solid wood doors, major improvement.  These are the before and after on those.

These are the afters.  Oh while we are here look above at my sons fabulous school picture last year. (He may be your future president.)

The doors just came as one slab, and Tom drilled all the hinges and door knob stuff on his own.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project In The Works

So yesterday I was driving to my mothers when I passed a place that had some doors outside for free.   I thought about stopping for a minute, but just kept driving.  I just thought girl you are turning your house into Sanford and Sons.  Later that evening I suddenly thought, "you must have that door!"  I packed up the kids and frantically got in the Volkswagen.  I was actually thinking I could fit that door in my car, if it was even still there.  My older son Adam was like, "there is a 1% chance it'll still be there."  Well when I made the turn in my car by where I saw it I noticed it was still there.  YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Oh did I mention it was super heavy, had some nails in it, and I drive a Volkswagen sedan.  I did make an attempt to get it in, and it wasn't happening.  I of course called Tom who was at work, and wasn't getting out of work for another 45 minutes.  I decided to sit there and wait for him,  I also decided I wanted an old window they had there too.  Tom got out of work early and threw it in his SUV without a negative thing to say, in fact he was like cool I like that door, and window. 
I have decided I want to hang it here.  This is the stairwell going down stairs.  It is so dark and needs some lighting up.
Here is where I spotted the door, who would have thought.

I found the one I wanted and promptly put it near my car till Tom got there.

Here it is getting painted.  I am going to make the squares magnet with chalkboard black paint.  We are going to hang it on a diagonal going down the stairs.  I think it'll be cool.  I have to find an old door knob for it.  Stay tuned for the reveal.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Found It

I found where I saw the plate idea, it was West Elm.  Check it out.
I also love this light I want to make for each side of our bed!

I love this branch table!
How cool is this hand rail going down the stairs.

One last thing is this random ball.  I love that.

I hope to do that wicker plate display today.  Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Couple Garage Sale Finds

I took the little ones garage saling today and got a couple things.  It was disappointing not finding something that would make my heart skip a beat.  I got some new place mats for the table for free!  I also got a a big wicker style plate.  I was blogging yesterday and have no idea where I was, but someone showed a pic of a bunch of wicker plates on the wall.  I am thinking about doing that on one of my walls in the dining room.  I would like to give her some props, but don't remember where I saw it, if anyone knows tell me.  I got the plate for free.  I will show you a pic showing what I want to do.  I also got two Pottery Barn iron candle holders, that I am going to use as coasters behind the couch, they were a buck for both.  I got a car seat for my little man for $2.00, and a Tupperware cake container brand new for a buck.  ( I know that stuff is boring)

Picture a bunch of these on the wall.
I switched out the wicker basket in my dining room for this sea grass, I am really digging that sea grass right now.