Friday, September 17, 2010

Bench Makeover

I went garage saleing last weekend and saw this bench.  I thought this would fit perfectly in my living room entryway.  I paid $10.00 for it and happily carried it to my car.  I guess I have no sense of space at all.  I thought it would fit in my trunk perfectly. (nope, not even close)  Then I thought it would fit in my front seat. (ummm no)  I was about to freak, when my friend Kim was like, "Heather is that you?"  I was so happy, because one I hadn't seen Kim in awhile, and two her car could easily fit this bench, it was "fate".

It started out looking like this.
I got so excited and involved I started priming without taking a good before.  It was pretty beat up. So here is the bench primed up.

Alright so here is the finished project.

Can I just say I love that fabric.  Anyway, so the bench was done and Tom brought it in to see how it would look, and it looked terrible.  It wasn't the bench itself, it was just too big.  I instantly knew I didn't like it.  I have no other place to put it, so it was a big ol waste of time.  I will be selling it at my garage sale, but I am taking that fabric off, and making a pillow.  I have some spare fabric I will recover the bench  in.  That fabric was expensive and I love it, so I will be keeping that.  Oh well.
News Flash:
Sold the bench at our garage sale for $35, not to bad.


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