Thursday, May 31, 2012

Geo Panel Curtains

I have been a painting fool, which is why I haven't posted in a few days.  The porch is all painted and looks so cool!  We are getting carpet tomorrow, so I will save the reveal until then.  I did get our living room painted.  I went with white because the room tends to be on the dark side.  I had to paint the room in sections because of the little ones.  It has been so nice out, and hate to have them stuck inside for too long.  I finished the second part of it today.  It worked out perfectly because my geo panel curtains from Zgalleries came today and I was able to put the room together.  I love instant gratification!  Sooooooo here are some pics of the new living room.  I know there are a lot of pictures, but I am in love with it!  I took the pillows that I had downstairs and brought them up, they are too pretty to be down there.  It sucks though because I know my little ones dirty fingers will be all over them.  I didn't show the other side of the room because I still have stuff I need to hang on the walls.  I love the curtains, but I can't believe the shipping was $17.00 and it still took 8 days to get them.  What is up with that?  Well can't wait to show you the porch tomorrow, it is going to be something you've never seen.  C ya.....

I realize the furniture isn't new and modern, but it will have to do for awhile.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  I will be going to a parade today, Adam is in it.  We we also be having a cookout afterwards.  I can't wait to show you all some of the garage sale items I found this weekend.  We are also making more progress out on the porch.  Have a great day!

Do you see that egg chair in the picture below, Tom and I want that so bad in black.  Those chairs are like $1000, crazy.
These berries look so yummy with the white chocolate chip in them. 
I love this time of the year!!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Porch Work

I know these posts are pretty lame, but it's all part of the process of having a fabulous new space around here.  
We stained around the windows, and below the windows, after a grueling sanding process.  Here is a little before and after showing the difference without and with the stain.

This is the before.  It is hard to tell, but the sun and elements weathered the chiz out of these. 

This after looks nice, but it is actually not as dark as this looks.  The big item under the window is a heater and air conditioner.  The air conditioner is not working.... yet.... it will be soon.  Tom is so handy with appliance repair.  I never told you guys this, but Tom fixed our dryer.  Tom literally tore it apart, and I mean tore it apart.  He put a new motor in it and a fuse.   It saved us a ton of money.  I bet he will fix this up like nothing.
I also needed to get the hot water heat registers painted for the room.  I just primed them today, they will look a lot nicer with the white fresh paint.

The carpet will be installed a week from today.  We pretty much just have the wall to paint and add some trim around the window.  I hope you all have a good weekend.  I wanna go to few garage sales in the morning.  This room is going to need a TV stand, so I will be looking for something cool.  Keep you fingers crossed.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Porch Update

Tom ripped out the carpet and pad on the porch, we are getting it ready for the new carpet.  There was some water damage on the wood working, so we are sanding it down and refinishing it.  We are going to try and find some stain to match the existing stain that is on the wood work right now.  Home Depot has a charge for taking out carpet, and new tack strips.  Tom doing it saved us $100.

 I will be doing a cool paint treatment on this wall.  It's a surprise..........  We also need some molding for around the window looking into the kitchen.
 Tom is going to frame in the skylights.  We also have a little surprise for these babies.
We got our couch delivered today.  The shipping for the $187 couch was $150, but when the couch got here the lining on the underside of the couch had a rip in it.  There was also a scuff mark on the back of it.  I called Home Decorators Collection where I ordered it from and asked for $150 off because of the damage.  They agreed, so this awesome couch cost a total of $197 including tax.  The man that delivered it wanted to know where we ordered it from.  The guy couldn't believe what a great deal that was.

 The back is against the wall anyway.  With the couch being velvet it just looks natural.

That was the total on the paper work, now subtract $159......I am a robber without a gun...........I guess the lesson learned is, the benefit of ordering online is if there is minor damage, you get big discount.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Geo Curtains

I ordered some new curtains from Z galleries for our living room this morning.  The ones we have right now are cream velvet grommet curtains. This picture is old, but you can see curtains the best in it.

They are fine, but they are more of a winter curtain.  I plan on painting the living room white and putting these beauties up.
I know the white paint and white curtains will really brighten the living room up.  I don't know why I picked such a dark color in there.  I love the geometric pattern of these curtains.  It will really add some dimension in there.  I can't wait to get them.  I have so much painting to do, and plan on doing it this weekend.  I hope it rains, so I don't feel guilty about not going outside.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Garage Sale

We had a huge garage sale this weekend, and we got rid of a ton of stuff.  If you remember from a previous post I cleaned out my dressing room.  I had so many clothes I no longer wanted, and I must say I sold probably half of them.  There was quite a few maternity clothes that went, one chick said I made her summer.  She had a ton of clothes for $14.00, she was so happy.  We made $107.00, that is our garage sale money for the summer.  I just so wanted to purge all this stuff out of my house, I was selling stuff so cheap.  The stuff that didn't sell is going to Goodwill.  I know what I like and don't like now as far as clothes and home decor that I hope this type of hoarding never happens again.  The new carpet and couch should be here at the end of the week, can't wait.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

Tom had to work on Mother's day, but I had a great day with my Mom.  We went out to eat at Chili's, and I did not count calories that day.  I got some great cards from the kids with a special pin.  Tom got me the Andy Cohen book I wanted, and a gift certificate for a mani/pedi.  My mom got me a gift certificate to Homegoods, and a bunch of clothes.  I also cut some fresh lilacs from her trees.
Hope you all had a great day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Finds

I am so excited because I figured out a paint design I am going to do on the wall in the porch.  I have decided I am going to let it be a surprise.  You will have to stay tuned to see what it will be.  I only have a couple weeks to do it, so I need to get moving on.  I decided on Fridays I will show some items I have found that I think are pretty good deals, and super stylish.  I am totally loving the site   I may change my mind when we get our new couch if it isn't nice.  These are some items that I love that they have right now on clearance.  I am not a payed sponsor for them, though I wish I was.
This orange media holder is $199.99.  I love the pop of color.  It also comes in lime green.
I would use this as a buffet in the new dining room.  It is $178.99.  I love the industrial look of it.
This side table is $78.99.  I love the circle shapes design.  
I like the design of this little side table as well.  I love the color it would add to a room, and it is only $64.99. The orange media table would be perfect with it.
I hope you all have a great weekend.  I need to get to work emptying out the porch, because this is what it looks like right now.
It is a wreck right now from the kitchen renovation.  This is why I haven't shown any pics.  We are boxing up stuff for the garage sale.  We also have stuff for the kitchen that we haven't made decisions on whether it stays or goes. I can't wait till everything is done in there, I hate being this unorganized.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Framed Baby Picture

Today was a rainy day here, and we had a ton of errands to do.  We had to sign some paper work at Home Depot and finalize stuff on the carpet.  We also discovered our dryer is no longer working which is a nightmare.  I of course was just in the middle of washing all of Molly's crib bedding when it crapped out.  I have always been so envious of people that line dry their clothes.  I will be driving in my car and see people that do that and think who the hell has the extra energy to do that?  Well now that is what I have to do and I hate it!  The repair man is coming Tuesday, and who knows if he will even be able to fix it. WIGGGGGG!!!!  I didn't get anything done today, but I am going to post some pics I took of Molly when she was around five days old.  Molly is now 9 months and I am happy to say she is a wonderful sweet little lady who also still DOES NOT like to sleep through the night.... 

 I am happy to report that I reached my goal of losing all my baby weight by her nine month birthday.  I weigh even less then I did when I got pregnant.  I was doing slim fast and trying to avoid carbohydrates for two months.  I realized later that slim fast has a ton of carbs, so I switched to doing the Atkins diet.  I lost 4 pounds the first two days of doing it.  I am so happy, I just need to start exercising now.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Carpet Ordered

Tom and I did some carpet shopping again today.  It turned out this price comparison shopping paid off.  We got the carpet we want, and saved $200 getting it at home depot.  This is the carpet.

It is dark grey.  I love carpets with a pattern.  It will be so cool.  

     Now I wasn't going to show this, but I suppose I should bare all.  The dressing room I have has been a mess for awhile.  I never really went through my clothes when we moved in together, and they have just been gathering, and gathering.  We are having a garage sale on May 19 and 20 so I finally decided to tackle this nightmare.  I have bigger plans for this room later, but this was a starting point.  It literally took me 7 hours to do this.  Here is the (my hand is shaking to show this!) before.
                                   Dang that red turtleneck hanging down.

Do you like the black and white checkered drop ceiling?  Tom painted that for me when I moved in.  That black cupboard is a laundry shoot.  Our washer and dryer are in here as well.  It will be so much better getting ready now.  I got rid of so many clothes.  It feels just as good getting rid of stuff as it does collecting it.  I hope I can sell them all at the garage sale.