Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Furniture for the Porch

Yesterday some decisions were made as far as furniture goes in the porch. (yeah!!!)  On Saturday we went carpet shopping for the room.  We found a ton of carpets we liked, but of course they were all super expensive.  We did narrow down some options, but we are going to check one more place tomorrow.  I do know that it will be dark gray, and it will be a textured carpet.  Similar to the one seen here.
The couch that we ordered was from Home Decorators Collection.  They were having a Cinco De Mayo special that was 50% , 50 items that they had chosen.  The items were all already on clearance.  It was not the couch I had originally wanted, but that one was sold out.  The price on this couch was unbelievable.  It started out at $899, then it went down to $374.99, then it was 50% off of that making it...................$184.49.  This is her, cute right? Grey velvet!  Now that is decor4poor.
I also went out to run errands yesterday. I some how ended up finding a chair for the porch as well.(crazy how that happens)  It was at Homegoods on clearance for $140.00.  Tom was working and I made the emergency phone call to see if it would be OK to get it, of course it was.  I showed Tom the chair last night and he liked it, but wants to get his own man chair.  He wants his in black leather.  So we will have his and her chairs out there, so cute.  This is the chair.

The chair is white, these pics look a little dark.  I can't wait to get decorating that room.  It is going to be so nice.  I will post a pic of a piece of the dining room at bottom of post.  The dining room right now is a mess.  I will be taking those curtains down, and just exposing the windows.  There is such a nice view from in there, and don't want anything obstructing it.  I also want to use different chairs at that table, I think I have some that will work.  I am so over that light as well, I want to get this one from Urban Outfitters.
So here is a pic of what I am talking about.
There is so much potential.  This room is going to be smoking for the summer. 
I didn't go garage saleing this weekend at all.(boo hoo) We did some much needed outdoor work.  I weeded like crazy.  I hate doing it, but love the results.  More to come there. Well time to tend to the little ones.

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