Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have been trying to fix up the downstairs, it has been a dumping ground for awhile.  I had my furniture from my first place down there, and wanted to spruce it up a little.  I ordered a chair slipcover off of eBay and it turned out to be too small.  I hate having to send stuff back.... UGHHHH.  I checked our local Big Lots and they had a Sure Fit slipcover so I tried that and turns out it fits and it was cheaper.  I guess you should always go with the name brands when it comes to slipcovers.  I do like the cover, although it is a little wrinkled and I'm not patient enough to iron. LAZY! When I ordered the original slipcover, I also ordered some pillow covers from Etsy.  They came today and I love them!  These are some pics of the chair slipcover and pillows.  I got the cute owl at Big Lots too.

There is still a lot of work to be done down there, but this is all I could handle today.  I went to the Doctors and have an infection of some sort.  I am taking antibiotics, and got an inhaler.  There is some dust down there, and don't want to make things worse for myself.  Que the violins and get the cheese for the wine.

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