Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Inspirations

OMG....... so excited we are going carpet hunting tomorrow for our porch that is off the dining room.  It is an awesome room that looks into the woods with wildlife all over the place.  It also looks into the in ground pool area we have.  Seriously now today I was heading out to the porch, and opened the door right into my nose.  I seriously thought it was broken I swear I heard it crack.  It didn't bleed, but it is bruised and hurts.  When it happened I was like, "I think my nose is broken."  Tom was so relieved that it didn't seem to be broken because when your a man and your wife says my nose is broken from running into a door, they immediately think abuse.  I never even thought about it.
Here is some inspiration for the weekend..  It is at least inspirational to me.

  I love that ceiling and the black and white everything.
                                    The green couch is amazing!!!!
 This room is assembled perfectly.  I love the pink headboard.
   Hope you all have a fun weekend, and get some cool stuff garage saleing (Is that how you spell that?).  I hope I do anyway.  I hope I find that green couch!  

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