Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Carpet Ordered

Tom and I did some carpet shopping again today.  It turned out this price comparison shopping paid off.  We got the carpet we want, and saved $200 getting it at home depot.  This is the carpet.

It is dark grey.  I love carpets with a pattern.  It will be so cool.  

     Now I wasn't going to show this, but I suppose I should bare all.  The dressing room I have has been a mess for awhile.  I never really went through my clothes when we moved in together, and they have just been gathering, and gathering.  We are having a garage sale on May 19 and 20 so I finally decided to tackle this nightmare.  I have bigger plans for this room later, but this was a starting point.  It literally took me 7 hours to do this.  Here is the (my hand is shaking to show this!) before.
                                   Dang that red turtleneck hanging down.

Do you like the black and white checkered drop ceiling?  Tom painted that for me when I moved in.  That black cupboard is a laundry shoot.  Our washer and dryer are in here as well.  It will be so much better getting ready now.  I got rid of so many clothes.  It feels just as good getting rid of stuff as it does collecting it.  I hope I can sell them all at the garage sale.

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