Thursday, May 10, 2012

Framed Baby Picture

Today was a rainy day here, and we had a ton of errands to do.  We had to sign some paper work at Home Depot and finalize stuff on the carpet.  We also discovered our dryer is no longer working which is a nightmare.  I of course was just in the middle of washing all of Molly's crib bedding when it crapped out.  I have always been so envious of people that line dry their clothes.  I will be driving in my car and see people that do that and think who the hell has the extra energy to do that?  Well now that is what I have to do and I hate it!  The repair man is coming Tuesday, and who knows if he will even be able to fix it. WIGGGGGG!!!!  I didn't get anything done today, but I am going to post some pics I took of Molly when she was around five days old.  Molly is now 9 months and I am happy to say she is a wonderful sweet little lady who also still DOES NOT like to sleep through the night.... 

 I am happy to report that I reached my goal of losing all my baby weight by her nine month birthday.  I weigh even less then I did when I got pregnant.  I was doing slim fast and trying to avoid carbohydrates for two months.  I realized later that slim fast has a ton of carbs, so I switched to doing the Atkins diet.  I lost 4 pounds the first two days of doing it.  I am so happy, I just need to start exercising now.  

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