Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nailhead Mirror

The mirror downstairs was purchased from Homegood's a couple years ago.  It was not the one I originally wanted.  The one I wanted had a brown wood stained frame.  I had told Tom about the mirror I saw there, and really wanted.  The crappy thing was Toms back was killing him, and he had called out to work.  There was no way I could handle getting it alone. Tom told me we could go get it tomorrow.  I told time and I quote  "I will just die if they don't have that mirror there tomorrow" We did end up going there and it was gone, but they had the same size one just with a white stained frame. I pouted for awhile, and Tom was like get the white one and we could fix it up.  I said no at first, then we went with it.  It was only $89.00.  We tried to put it in Toms then Saturn Vue, it wasn't even close to fitting.  Tom called his friend who had a truck, and they managed to get it in.  Tom called me on route bringing it home, and said "it will be a miracle if this makes it home in one piece."  It did make it here, and I was so happy.  We decided to paint in black, and Tom put 275 nail heads around it.  We used a snap chalk line to make a straight line then tapped in the nail heads.  It is so awesome. It goes to show if you like something new at a store but it isn't quite right, go home and make it your own.  These are the pics.

 Excuse that weirdo in her pajamas in the picture, she is a nutjob.
So you can see how large that mirror is.  It was a great purchase, and really makes the room seem larger.
I am off to watch Adams first baseball game of the season.  It is his real birthday today!  Happy 10th Birthday Adam!

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