Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Front Porch

We are tiling the front porch with porcelain we were told they are stronger in the cold than ceramic tile.  We had originally wanted 12x12 tiles, but were told by many that they would crack in the cold.  We decided to go with 4x4 tiles instead because smaller tiles would withstand the cold temps.  This turned out to be a nightmare because they were so small, and trying to get them all perfectly straight is a nightmare.  Tom has literally put in over 20 hours of work, and not even half way done.  It will look fabulous when it is complete, they are Terracotta colored, and we threw in a few off white tiles just to mix it up.  The last picture has one on the stairs.  If any of you don't think you can tile outside if you live in a cold climate you can!  We started this project last year, and the small tiles didn't crack.  So go for it!  Be patient.  

Today was a pretty lazy day.  I am still getting over a cold, I have a nasty cough.
 I am still going crazy over instagram.  I can't wait to take some outside shots.  I am going through some of my old pictures and adding some instafab to them. I am addicted.  My favorite color change is the 1977 effect.   

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