Humble Decor Beginnings

I bought my first condo in 1996, and this is how I decorated then.  I must say looking back now I could have done so much more.  I made money off the place that would eventually land me my first house though.  Here is the condo.  I believe these are the pics I had for the realtor when I was selling it.

Now let's look at this.  I still used my old crate boxes which I used as a bookcase ( I think I am going to post that idea).  I still like that.  I still love my big mirror over the couch, have it in my dining room now.  I still have that fabulous couch.  I don't think it was too bad overall for being 14 years ago.  Lets move on.

Oh boy that kitchen.  I had picked that vinyl floor in when I moved in.  I never heard of tile then.  I should have  painted those cabinets.  A new light would have been a good idea. That cabinet at the end was my garbage.  It's still not too bad for my first place.  Moving along.

I still have all the items in my dining room here.  Did the leaf thing in the corner which I still have and love.  I put velvet green curtains on sliding doors.  Cool chandy for the time.  I also got those wicker bar stools at walmart, that I personally stained to match.  The Ansel Adam picture, my table, and my couch were my first home purchases.  I wanted things that could with stand the test of time and they have.  I can't believe I put those corbels up between the dining room and the living room.  I think I deserve a pat on the back. 

This is just another view.  Pretty good I'd say.
Here was Adam's baby room.
The mural was made by his Uncle.

The sweaters in the shadow box was from when I was a baby. I draped material to make it look grand.

I used a table instead of a changing table, because I thought I could use it later.  I hung crates for supplies I might need.

The Back Porch

This is the deck I had built while I was there. It was good for awhile, but it moved over the years. The man who built it for me didn't put the sonic tubes down deep enough. Who knows he probably didn't use any.
After I sold the condo I bought this house with my ex husband.  The houseing market was crazy then.  Houses are expensive in Vermont.  You could not touch a new home for under $300,000.  The houses here are older 80's style homes, other then new houses that are in the best neighborhoods or farmhouses which are just as expensive as new homes.  It really hasn't changed that much.  If you live here you are pretty much paying for the atmosphere.  There is low crime, low traffic, and great schools.   These are the pics I took when I looked at the place the first time.

I wanted to paint the door maroon.

Had no idea what type of lawn the place had.

I thought the cabinets could be painted, with new hardware.

New light for the dining room, and curtains for the sliding doors.

Oh that bathroom, that needed help.  That was going to have to wait for an overhaul.

Neatest workshop ever.  The guy even painted outlines where his tools went.

The downstairs was partially finished.  Inspector told us there was never any water down there.  Hmm

This is what you saw if you looked up from the door.

The living room.  I thought the floors were beautiful.  It also had a huge window.

The laundry room, with storage to right that you can't see.

This was going down the stairs from the door.

View from dining room.

Guest room.  Never had one of those.  There were also two more bedrooms I didn't take a pic of.  There were not huge bedrooms.  There was only one bathroom.

Here was the front after the door was painted (doors are not fun to paint, especially when windows are involved)

Turns out it was a beautiful lush green lawn.  I added a magnetic kickplate to the bottom of the door.