Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mudroom Update

Well I have been working on the mudroom.  I painted the stripes which I showed you, but I didn't plan on painting the actual inside of the closet.  I do believe I was just being lazy.  Those stripes were not fun to do, but Tom came home from Lowe's with all the new white trim and was like, " you need to finish it up."  I agreed, but didn't want to do it.  I finished it up this morning though, and was off to get accessories.  I wanted to put some storage cubes in there to store shoes, and have a place to sit.  I searched everywhere today, and you should know we don't have a Target or Ikea in Vermont.  I finally found two cubes at Christmas Tree Shops.  I wanted two the same color, of course they didn't have two the same.  They had a black one and hot pink faux crocodile skin one.  I loved it.  So I got the black and the pink.  I also got a shoe holder at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  The room still needs the white trim, black cornice box, and white shade.  We did put the floor down, and it really brightens the room up.  The chandelier I used to have didn't work out electrically, so I got a new one from Lowe's that I love.  Here are the pics.
The peel and stick floor worked out great, remember this?

Umm Yeah, I know.  Faux brick nightmare.

Here is the new chandy.  I love it.  I couldn't take a pic with the light on. Don't forget we are putting up new trim, so all the brown will be white, window decor will be black, with white shade.

The pink one of course is mine.  I love that I can throw something so bright and pink in the mix, and it works. 

So that is how it is now.  It will get much better. Oh and the other thing I know I should do, but don't want is painting that radiator.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frig Decor

I wanted to do something cool to my frig, but wasn't quite sure what to do without it being cheesy.  I wanted chalkboard decals, but couldn't find the right size.  I did find a few things I like, but these letters were an unexpected surprise at Michael's.  What do you think?
Nobody needs to tell us, you should have a stainless steel frig, and stove.  We know that, it's just not in the budget right now.  The kitchen still looks fab with the white.  I just wanted to dress it up a little.  Do you think chalkboard would look better?  The floor is installed in the mudroom, just need to paint and install new trim.  It looks so much better can't wait to show you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painting and More Painting

I have been painting like you wouldn't believe.  We decided we wanted to give the dining room a little update to match the kitchen.  So we went with painting the bottom of the chair rail grey.  I didn't want to go too dark because I wanted to make the room appear bigger.  We went to Lowe's and picked up some grey/silver paint.  I painted it, and it looked baby blue.  (nothing against you blue paint people, but it's not my bag.)  Here is what it looked like.
So, back in what we call around here the trenches, that is....... painting.  I hate painting, sorry the mess and everything that goes along with it.  We went to Lowe's again to get more paint, and I don't know why we go to Lowe's because we hate their paint, they are just close, and not too pricey.  Noah picked out a darker grey color, so we went with that. What.... don't you guys let your two year old pick out paint for you?  I was so nervous it would be too dark, but turns out we love it.  We also purchased a new chair rail.  This is how it looks now, and it matches the kitch perfect.  FYI, I also got the purty tulips there too.  Love!

You see that door in the left corner.  It will be replaced soon with a tempered glass style soon.  Now I'm going to show you a pic of the mudroom.  I ended up painting it, spur of the moment yesterday.  I don't think I realized what I was getting myself into.  I just wanted a change.  So here goes, here is the pic.

Your right I painted stripes.  What a pain in the ass!  I have never painted stripes before, and I actually feel like I had it easy because, I was actually painting on faux wood paneling and the lines are already there.  I tried to do it without tape yesterday, not a good idea when your hand shakes, and you have two year old asking you to eat everything in the fridge every second.  I used tape today, and it went much smoother.  The picture below is how it looked before.  It was a mess.  I had painted it once before and thought we would be good and keep it clean, but as usual it was a dumping ground for shoes, recycling, and bottles.  This time I have a better plan.  Decorative wise I will be putting up a black sparkly chandy I had from my old dressing room.  I will be redoing the cornice board window treatment in black leather, and new white shade.  We also bought a peel and stick tile floor situation.  We are going with that right now, because we plan on making that room bigger, and don't want to have rip out tile later.  It was only like 30 bucks for the tiles, so an easy quick fix.  I put a pic of tiles and chandy below.

This chandelier is really cute, just a bad pic.  I think it will look good with those stripes.

That is the floor.  I hope to have either the chandy or floor done tonight. Maybe both, now I'm just being silly.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Proud Mom

I know this is a little off course (excuse the pun), but wanted to show you a pic of Adam in Florida at the Honda classic golf tournament.  This is his second time on TV for him, a mini movie star if you will. I have been busy painting my dining room.  I painted it once and hated the color,  I then painted it with a new color which I like a lot more.  I am so glad I have money to throw around.  Ha ha.  I will post pics of that later, still have some finishing touches to do.  So Adam is the shortest guy with the hoodie on.  So cool. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kitchen Updates

So we are still working on the kitchen.  We ordered a new microwave/convection oven and we love it.  I ordered it off Overstock and the picture they had with the microwave was for some trim to put around it if you had a built in microwave like we do.  I ordered it, and over course it wasn't the right size.  This is a pic of how it looked, and how it looks now.  Keep in mind the new trim should be here in a couple of days.

We also decided to put a boarder around the tile we installed.  The edges seemed to raw for our liking.  We found some awesome tile boarder at Lowe's, and it was a real good deal.  Tom installed it yesterday.  We still need to grout it, but we are waiting till we get the stainless trim around the windows.  The grout we got is expensive so we will kill two birds with one stone.  Tom also installed the trim around the soffit.  Here are the pics.

We had put white caulk around the edge of the tiles and we did not like the finished look.  Tom had to remove all the caulk and it was a b@#$%  of a job.  We did find some caulk adhesive remover that somewhat helped, but what a mess.  Never apply caulk if you are not sure you want it.  I love the look of our new boarder, it's like it was made for our tile.