Friday, March 16, 2012

Kitchen Updates

So we are still working on the kitchen.  We ordered a new microwave/convection oven and we love it.  I ordered it off Overstock and the picture they had with the microwave was for some trim to put around it if you had a built in microwave like we do.  I ordered it, and over course it wasn't the right size.  This is a pic of how it looked, and how it looks now.  Keep in mind the new trim should be here in a couple of days.

We also decided to put a boarder around the tile we installed.  The edges seemed to raw for our liking.  We found some awesome tile boarder at Lowe's, and it was a real good deal.  Tom installed it yesterday.  We still need to grout it, but we are waiting till we get the stainless trim around the windows.  The grout we got is expensive so we will kill two birds with one stone.  Tom also installed the trim around the soffit.  Here are the pics.

We had put white caulk around the edge of the tiles and we did not like the finished look.  Tom had to remove all the caulk and it was a b@#$%  of a job.  We did find some caulk adhesive remover that somewhat helped, but what a mess.  Never apply caulk if you are not sure you want it.  I love the look of our new boarder, it's like it was made for our tile.

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