About Me

I thought I should give a little history of myself. I came from a family of three. My Mother divorced when I was around three. I have a brother who lives in Boston who is four years older than me. The little R2D2 in the pic is my son Adam. (I made that costume by the way that I will show more in a later post)
I married my first husband in 2001 and had a beautiful son with him named Adam who is 8. I remarried this year to my wonderful husband Tom and have a beautiful son with him named Noah who just turned 1 this past July. Tom has two daughters 17 and 19. I sold my previous house and moved in with Tom who was a bachelor for many years, he had given me the ok to decorate the house so for the past year we have been working on project after project around the house. Tom completed painting the entire house which turned out wonderful and have taken on other projects along the way. This blog will document the things we have done. I will say we slacked a little bit in the before pictures when we started, but have been doing them religiously since then. I will try to show befores as much as I can. I have to say I am new to blogging so forgive me for not knowing exactly how to do all the fancy things other bloggers do, but I will learn along the way.
The house is a ranch with a walk-out basement. The trim is dark wood, and the floors are a lighter color. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Me at the Red Sox game... Go Sox!