Thursday, May 24, 2012

Porch Update

Tom ripped out the carpet and pad on the porch, we are getting it ready for the new carpet.  There was some water damage on the wood working, so we are sanding it down and refinishing it.  We are going to try and find some stain to match the existing stain that is on the wood work right now.  Home Depot has a charge for taking out carpet, and new tack strips.  Tom doing it saved us $100.

 I will be doing a cool paint treatment on this wall.  It's a surprise..........  We also need some molding for around the window looking into the kitchen.
 Tom is going to frame in the skylights.  We also have a little surprise for these babies.
We got our couch delivered today.  The shipping for the $187 couch was $150, but when the couch got here the lining on the underside of the couch had a rip in it.  There was also a scuff mark on the back of it.  I called Home Decorators Collection where I ordered it from and asked for $150 off because of the damage.  They agreed, so this awesome couch cost a total of $197 including tax.  The man that delivered it wanted to know where we ordered it from.  The guy couldn't believe what a great deal that was.

 The back is against the wall anyway.  With the couch being velvet it just looks natural.

That was the total on the paper work, now subtract $159......I am a robber without a gun...........I guess the lesson learned is, the benefit of ordering online is if there is minor damage, you get big discount.

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