Monday, April 30, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Party

I survived the Star Wars sleepover birthday party.  Wow... That is a lot of work.  I decided one night when I was going to bed that I would make noodle light sabers for the kids.  I thought it would be fun for the kids to be able to fight each other, without getting hurt.  The kids loved them!  I first cut the noodles a little over half way with a kitchen knife.  I then used shiny duct tape, and taped about eight inches up.  I used black electrical tape to make some lines, and squares.  The last and final step was using red nail polish to make the red button on them.  They turned out awesome, and were a huge hit.  These are some pictures of the process.

I also made an attempt at making a photo back drop.  I had the kids all take pictures with Yoda, who was actually Noah.  I didn't think I should post the pics of the kids without their permission, so here is Yoda.  I used old black curtains to make the backdrop and hung some stars too.  I am going to give the pics that were taken to all the kids that were there.
We also had some Darth Vader pinata time.  We got the pinata at Iparty.  I also got some balloons at Walmart that had lights in them.  Iparty blew them up for me, they were so cool.  I had them hanging all over with the lights off, the kids pretended they were lasers. They didn't photograph well so no pics of balloons. 
I decorated the table with Darth the pinata as the centerpiece and got a ton of glow bracelets and put them on the table, so the table really lit up.  I got the table cloth and accessories from Walmart.  The cake was made local and was delicious.  I have been doing slim fast in combo with Atkins diet for two months so it felt great to indulge.  We also had Little Caesars pizza, it was so good and budget friendly.
It was a really good time, but a little tip.  It is never a good idea to talk to the kids about how to get out in case of a fire right before they go to bed.  Nothing like scaring the crap out of them before they go to sleep.  Tom thought that was hilarious.  I felt it was important.  Adam got the Death Star Lego set for his birthday. He told us that, that was what he wished for before blowing out his candles.  Made us so happy.

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