Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Art Project

We went on a road trip the other day to New Hampshire.  We had lunch on route in Montpelier which for you geography buffs is our state capital.
We also stopped by an antique store.  I had seen a love seat on craigslist from there, and wanted to check it out.  It turned out to be more blue than grey which is what I want.  The material was also a little scratchy for my liking.  It was fun to check out the place though.  We also went to Pier 1 which is a store we don't have here.  We saw so many cute things there, and got a few nice things as well.  I will show the treasures in a different post.  There was one thing that did catch my eye.  This is it.
It was $179.00.  Tom thinks that I could make it.  I think I am going to take a stab at it.  So here is a project you will be seeing in the future.  The whole family has been sick with a cold, so there hasn't been much activity going on here.

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