Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kitchen Updates

I have not really taken any good pictures of the kitchen.  I tried with two cameras, but the true beauty of it is to be seen.  We did this makeover all on our own.  We have added a few more touches that I love!   These are the latest pictures.  I am no photographer.
This picture shows the new trim around the window.  We were suppose to get stainless steel, but the supplier never called us back we were so annoyed! Tom built this frame and it looks great.  This also shows the new magnetic knife holder.  Tom is obsessed with good kitchen knives.

These are the most used pots and pans in our house, hung for easy access.  Love!

This is the new microwave and frame around it.  I literally got sent two frames before the right one was sent to us.  Major nightmare.

This pic shows the glass shelves in all their glory.  We keep all our most used items out.  They still have some tweaking to be done, but this is how it stands now.

Here is the dining room with the mudroom on the side.  Tom hung a new chair rail, and I painted grey below.  The three rooms really flow nicely.  We are going to put white trim through out
Here is a reminder of how it looked.  It is so much more open and functional now.


  1. Great job! So pretty I wouldn't want to use it hehe.


  2. Thank you winecountrymama.com for your comment. If you saw my kitch right now you would feel comfortable making a big ol'mess. It always looks so neat for pictures.

  3. I love it!!! I love the YUM...I love the table w/ the rug...great style! Hope you can check mine out...I found you through "Be Different Act Normal"...I'm your newsest follower! Here is my link to my kitchen makeover...I painted the cabinets black! http://www.redheadcandecorate.com/4/post/2012/02/one-special-kitchen.html

    ~Julie xo

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you like it. I loved your cabinets! Can't wait to look at it more soon. Thanks again.


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