Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soon To Come

The kitchen is almost complete.  Tom still needs to do some grouting, and we have a special touch to the island that will be coming soon.  It is hard to come up with original decorating ideas, because most times someone has done what you have done.  I am not even going to google what we will be doing, I will think of it as our original idea and think it will be.......(say in a hi voice AWESOME)  I hope. 
The decorating will soon be moving to our porch off the kitchen.  I want to show the couch I am waiting to get.  It is on sale, and I am just waiting for some free shipping.  Here she is.....
It will go perfectly in there, I am going with all shades of greys, mixed with some bright patterned pillows of sorts.
We are also getting so tired of our furniture in the living room.  I love this couch, and the good thing is Tom does too.  I see this in our future as well.

The home improvement took a break today for some bill paying and a Costco run.  I hope to get started on kitchen island project tomorrow. 
I sent a picture of our new kitchen to my good friend Missy in Massachusetts, and she wants my opinion on fixing hers up.  That makes me  feel so good. 
 Don't you love when you do spell check and you have no errors?  I wish it could fix my punctuation. I weren't no English major I can tell you that. Bah Bye.

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