Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heather Feather

We are still sick with a cold, and my motivation is in the crapper.  I did muster up enough energy to clean my son's room.  He is almost three and really into puzzles.  I had puzzles and miscellaneous stuff everywhere in his room.  I fixed it up a little bit, but it is not photo ready.  What I am going to show you is the couple small purchases we made at Pier 1 the other day.  The first thing is some coasters.  We haven't had any, other than some Hard Rock Cafe card stock ones that our son had chewed and bent, and had seen better days.  These were not expensive at all, I think like $3.00 a piece. 

Then I saw this glitter pen with a feather, I have no idea why I wanted it.  I do like it, but hope to have it sit maybe in an office space I may need to make for myself.  It is sitting here at our land line phone for now.  I had a little jar kicking around that I stuck it in.  I don't think anyone will be pocketing this thing.

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