Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kids Activity Table

Tom and I made this table for the kids.  We purchased a 2 x 10 at Lowe's, and recovered it in a black "leather" look material.  We wanted to dress it up a little bit so we went around it with silver tacks.  It has become the most used DIY project to date.  A time back I had found a kids chair sitting on the curb.  I picked it up and recovered it in the same material.  Check it out..

I know, I know what you all are thinking.. Does that, "Your Baby Can Read" work?  Yes... it does if you are consistent about doing it with your little one.  I am a major sucker for As Seen On TV chiz.  Soooo anyway.. I used some old barn wood crates to hold it up I got those at a garage sale many years ago. Those are hard to pass up, they are so versatile.   This is probably the neatest it has looked, because it's usually filled with coloring books, puzzles, snacks, and crumbs about

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