Monday, April 16, 2012

Dining Room

Thrifty Decor Chick is having a linky party on dining rooms.  I took some pictures of mine this morning that I will be posting here, and on her blog.  The best thing about our dining room to me is the table and chairs.  We purchased the table off of craigslist for $100.00.  I sold my very first dining room set for $350.00 and bought the clear chairs from Ikea.  I love the set!  I also got my mirrored furniture from Target.  Tom got me the console table for Mother's day, and liked it so much he told me to order everything.  The turquoise chalkboard is from a garage sale it was $5.00.  There are people that either really like it, or just don't.  I am on team worship it. The other item that I totally love is my record player.  Tom got it for me for Christmas from Urban Outfitters.  It is such a nice piece, and it plays great.  We are always finding records at Goodwill, and garage sales for $1.00.  We have quite a few at this point.  I am hoping to get some new lamps for the console table.  I would like something more vintage yet glam.  The old style phone is from a garage sale, and the big clothes pin to hold my calendar is from Pottery Barn, I think it was like $10.00.  I got the star burst mirror at Marshall's.  I had a gift certificate, it was $50.00.  The 2012 disco ball display is from New Years, I liked it so much couldn't part with it.  I know I went nuts with the pictures.    You should check out the party.  Click right here......

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  1. This is a beauty and I adore the chalkboard!! Following from TDC- stop on by for a visit!!


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