Sunday, September 12, 2010

Goodwill n Michaels Trip

I was hoping to take a nap earlier this morning, but the little one wouldn't hear of it (ughhhhhhhhhhhh).  So off to McDicks and some mild thrifting.  I first went to Michael's I needed some magnets for a project I am working on, but I couldn't help but look around.  I found this cute wicker light ball that I love!!  It was $5.99 which in my world is like $100.00, but I had to have it. Here is the pic.

It's hard to take a good pic of the way it lights, it is like a little round piece of Christmas.  My fourteen month old will not keep his little paws away from it.  The best thing is that it is plugged into an outlet that is activated from a switch on the wall, love when that happens!
I also went to Goodwill which is always an adventure.  I want to make one of those candles with the sweater wrapped around it.  I got the idea here  So I looked for a cable sweater at Goodwill and found one.  It appeared to have a stain on the front of it, but I didn't care because I was using the arms of the sweater mostly and it was only $2.50.  When I went to check out the clerk was like did you see that stain, I was like yea I don't care because I am using it for a project.  The nice lady only charged me 99 cents.  When I got home I was showing Tom the sweater and he was like what is that, I was like it's a stain but then I looked at it a little further and realized it was a bird.  Hmmmm weird.  I also got a pair of cute boots, I found another "pair" I would of liked better they were a nice black tall leather boot, well the sad part was I only found one.  I looked everywhere for the other one.  I was not happy.  Here is the pic of the sweater that will soon be covering some vases.


  1. I think I saw those on Better Homes and Gardens website, the sweater candles!

  2. haha---a bird, seriously!? So funny, definitely looks like a stain unless you look realllly closely. Can't wait to see your vases after you get crafty! And awesome find on your twine ball! : )


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