Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project In The Works

So yesterday I was driving to my mothers when I passed a place that had some doors outside for free.   I thought about stopping for a minute, but just kept driving.  I just thought girl you are turning your house into Sanford and Sons.  Later that evening I suddenly thought, "you must have that door!"  I packed up the kids and frantically got in the Volkswagen.  I was actually thinking I could fit that door in my car, if it was even still there.  My older son Adam was like, "there is a 1% chance it'll still be there."  Well when I made the turn in my car by where I saw it I noticed it was still there.  YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Oh did I mention it was super heavy, had some nails in it, and I drive a Volkswagen sedan.  I did make an attempt to get it in, and it wasn't happening.  I of course called Tom who was at work, and wasn't getting out of work for another 45 minutes.  I decided to sit there and wait for him,  I also decided I wanted an old window they had there too.  Tom got out of work early and threw it in his SUV without a negative thing to say, in fact he was like cool I like that door, and window. 
I have decided I want to hang it here.  This is the stairwell going down stairs.  It is so dark and needs some lighting up.
Here is where I spotted the door, who would have thought.

I found the one I wanted and promptly put it near my car till Tom got there.

Here it is getting painted.  I am going to make the squares magnet with chalkboard black paint.  We are going to hang it on a diagonal going down the stairs.  I think it'll be cool.  I have to find an old door knob for it.  Stay tuned for the reveal.


  1. What a lucky find! I would love to be as blessed and then use it as a headboard in my sons room.

  2. Excellent retrieve and idea! I would have a couple of ideas if a door like that came my way. I recently saw a chippy white door remade into a kitchen hutch, very striking.


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