Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ikea Stuff

I was of course so excited to go to Ikea this past weekend.  I had a list in my head of what I wanted, and totally didn't get any of it.  I didn't see any drum shades that would work on the lights going down my stairs.  That was a major bummer.  I did see a lot of pillow covers I loved, but nothing along the lines of what I was thinking for our living room.  I checked out the fabrics too, but by the time we got down to those I think the men, boys, and my mom were like, "alright already let's go" in their heads.  I just couldn't think.  We did get a fabulous light that we are going to put downstairs once we get it all setup.  We also got these round cowhide chair pads.  I was going to use them for chair pads, but then I thought these could be awesome sewn together as wall art, a rug, for the table.  Tom loved them too.  I am not sure what I will be doing with them but we bought ten.  They were on clearance for $4.99.   I also got some of the small melma mirrors in hopes I could do something cool like the pic below at my brothers, but Adam's Halloween costume consumed all of our time.  We bought 16 of those mirrors and want to do a design similar to that picture in his condo.  Here are some pics of our stuff.

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