Tuesday, October 26, 2010

iPhone Costume

 Adam is an iPhone this year, that Tom and I made for him.  This costume was a lot of work.  It started like this.
We got two pieces of wood at Lowe's and cut them to the shape of an iPhone, then sanded the sides.  We then cut some quarter round and glued them to the sides and top of the wood iPhone shape.  I took a picture of the face of an iPhone and had it blown up.  When I picked up the pic it was on regular paper, instead of glossy photo paper so I had to have it blown up again.  It worked out well though, because the paper one was used as a template.
We then cut out foam insulation for the curve part of the iPhone.

I then spray painted it all silver for the outside of an iPhone.

We also had to purchase acrylic, that also had to be cut in the shape of the original wood form. (not easy).  The acrylic is for the front screen of the iPhone.
We cut out Styrofoam to put behind each ap, we did this for extra illumination of the Christmas lights that are behind each ap.  This was so tedious, and took some time.

We then spray painted the back which also had acrylic to give it a more glossy effect.  We glued and double stick taped the acrylic to our wood frames, made holes for straps for Adam to wear, and it was done.  It took over 8 hours to make.  We got the idea here
Adam was a huge hit at the Prudential mall in Boston.  People pointed, took pictures, tried to touch his costume.  People thought it was an actual phone.  I will take more pics on Halloween, it looks fabulous at night.  Here are some from the mall.  Noah was a lion and was adorable.  His time will come for an awesome homemade costume.

UPDATE!!!!!  If you want to do this project, get started now!  It takes time.


  1. Oh my goodness, how ingenious was this!?!? You are super creative. The little lion is adorable, too.

  2. so glad you stopped by! I always appreciate comments, but even more, I love the chance to explore blogs, and I'm digging yours! This costume is to die for! I need one!


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