Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Got Some Fun Treats Today

Tom had a golf tournament today that his work was having, I decided to go thrifting.  Yip E.  So I found a few cool things.
I got this guy at my new favorite store Recycle North.  It actually has fabric around it, with some sort of print on top.  I am going to paint the frame white, get some cool modern fabric, and something cool for the middle.  I can't wait to do it, but I'm going to.  We are going to Boston in a couple of weeks and we are going to Ikea.  Ikea sells awesome modern fabrics for cheap so hopefully it will be worth the wait. 

Oh and the best part $3.00

I already have these two pictures.

I want to accomplish this wall of art.

This is my new addition, it's a smaller one.  I am going to paint the frame.

One Buck.

I also got this candelabra.  I want to put it in our bedroom, and paint it, but I'm not sure if its sterling silver in which case I well sell it. 

The top piece pops off and is a snuff ( I think that's what it is called, the thing to put out candles ). It was four bucks.  Tom doesn't realize how lucky he is.  My day of shopping was $15.  I got a couple other non decor items if your doing the math.

That candelabra is sterling silver plated.  Tom has OCD when it comes to polishing things.  (those were his words by the way)  It is turning out to be quite the beauty.

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