Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Harvest Market Finds

We had our annual Harvest Market in our town and pretty much it's a lot of garage sales (AWESOME), food, and music.  I got some cute stuff that I want to show you.

I got this gold frame for 50 cents.  I downloaded this wash your hands print from 4 men 1 lady blog.  Love it!  It's my favorite thing in the kitchen right now and it only cost me 50 cents.

I picked up this rocking horse for $1.25.  It was the perfect size for Molly, and I love how vintage it is.  I looked it up on ebay when I got home to see if it was worth anything, and turns out it sells for $299.99 on there.  I guess I got a good deal.  It's so cute!
I picked up some of these Pumpkin Lanterns.  I am not sure if that is their official name, but that is what my Mom calls them.  I am not a huge fan of fake flowers, so these are a perfect dried arrangement.  I also got the cute little pumpkin.
The first sale I went to was a preschool fund raising sale that is known for having great kid stuff.  I got there nice and early and started looking around.  I have been wanting to get a new stroller because I have been using a snap and go, and Molly has outgrown that.  I saw this black and white polka dot stroller that I loved, but it was $50.00.  I left the sale and was on my way.  Well the next morning (Sunday) I woke up super early and couldn't stop thinking about that stroller.  It was going to be half off at that sale today, and maybe that stroller would still be there if I was lucky.  I loaded the kids up, drove by and everything was covered up, ughhhh they were not even open yet.  There was a women selling food out front so I asked when they would be opening and she said 9:30.  She asked me what I wanted, I told her and the stroller was mine for $25.00.  This stroller sells for $399.00 at Target.  Yessss  another deal.  This thing corners like it's on a rail.  I love the polka dots!
Had a wonderful time, and love my new treats.  I got a couple other things as well, but they are under construction.  I will show them later.  Have a great day!

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