Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hey There

Just a quick post to say I am still here.  I had my class reunion Saturday and had a guest here, so I wasn't able to post.  This is my high school class twenty years later.  I am the chicky to the left, front row, in black holding a Bud Light.
We had a great time, so much fun. I love that restaurant sign hanging above with the ivy growing all over.  
     This is the chalkboard message I made for my friend "Pecker" to see when she arrived at the house.  That is an odd nickname I know, but her last name is Peck and that it what we used to call her.
We had such a great weekend!  I am so sad it is over.  In other news I learned that bug spray does not go well with my fabulous dining chairs.  Tom, Adam and I had a mad game of Jenga going on the other night and it started with us playing sitting in the chairs, but that didn't last for long because it got this big and we had to move around.
Tom had been outside before we played the game and had put bug spray on.  It completely etched into the plastic of the chair.  Ughhhhhhhhhh We will have to get a new one when we go to Ikea sometime.  The closest one is four hours away.  Do not get bug spray on plastic or near you smartphones, just a tip.
I am also adding a couple new pics of the kitchen, living room, and mudroom to my home tour page.  I had to clean before Pecker got here, so  I took that opportunity to take some pics of our super clean house.
This picture is of the living room with the fireplace visible.
This is one of the mudroom.
This is the view showing the new microwave in the kitchen.  I need to paint my hall of fame wall white.  I am just dreading taking all those pictures down......Nightmare!
Take it easy, I need to get into craft mode stat.


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  2. Just pile all the pictures on the island, paint over and around the nails, and rehang them when it's dry. Oh - maybe take a before pic so you remember where they all go....If you have a teenager, they can do it for you. hee hee


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