Monday, August 20, 2012

Bar Cart

Around July 1, I had posted that I wanted to find a bar cart garage saleing,  check here.  I said, " if you wish it, it will come."  Well the very next morning I hit the streets, and at the last garage sale I found one.  It was one of those garage sales where you are close to driving by, then you change your mind and want to go and practically get in an accident turning in.  There she was my bar cart.  It had a sticker that said $30.00 or best offer.  I offered the guy $20.00 which looking back I think he would have taken $15.00. 
The cart is pretty cool because all four of those trays come off for serving purposes.  The cart also folds up for space saving.  It is a sturdy piece believe it or not.
I decided right away that I wanted to spray paint her gold.  It was a very easy paint job.
She sat like this for awhile, while I brainstormed on how to make her look better.  I finally decided that I wanted to get some mirrors cut to size to fit in each tray.  I still love that idea, but have been so busy with summer relaxing and back to school stuff that it isn't on the priority list.  The other day though I decided to play around with it since I would be putting mirrors on the trays anyway.  I got our black electrical tape out and tried to make the Greek key design. 
I really like the finished product, I say Hollywood regency all the way.  I am loving this pattern right now, big time.  I still need to style the cart perfectly, and hope to find some nice accessories at some end of season garage sales.
These will have to do for now.
I couldn't believe I found this cart right after I said I would find one.  I haven't seen any since, so it was meant to be!
  Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I have just not been in the crafty mood.  The weather has been awesome, and I have been enjoying the pool with the kids.  I hope you all are having a good summer, there are only a couple more weeks of really good weather so enjoy.

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  1. I am obsessively attracted to bar carts too! Even though I don't drink, so I don't know what I'd use it for. Yours turned out very glam. Good job.


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