Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We broke ground on the building of our new deck.  The deck will be off the porch and overlooking our pool.  We have not opened our pool yet, because we do not have a proper fence around it. Tom rented an auger the other day to dig the 4 ft holes we need to put the sonar tubes in.  The tubes will be filled with cement this week.  This is where the support beams will be to start the building of the deck.  The first hole that was dug had a huge rock about 3 ft down.  Tom worked and worked to get that mother out.  Then the second hole had a piece of wood that the auger couldn't get past.  Tom ended up getting his chain saw out and sawing it in two.  It was probably the worst part of this deck building process I hope.   I can't wait for the deck, I have so many ideas for it.  There will be more done out there next year, but this year we are starting with a basic rectangle deck.

This is the auger, it was rented and cost $72.00.  Digging 4 ft down by hand would not have been fun.
This is the area where the holes are going to be dug for the support beams.

 This is the auger in action.  This part was easy, finding things down in the ground that you have to get out by hand was the hard part.  Hopefully this will not happen to you.
 These are the tubes in place after the holes were dug.  The area around the tubes needed to be back filled.  That means putting the dirt back in hole around the tubes.  Tom put water around it as well.
 This is the pool area.  The deck will go out to the beginning of the  pool deck.  We need a beam right on the ground in front of the pool deck.  There is 3 ft of gravel below the pool deck so we are going to use a piece of cement for the beam that goes there.
It will be nice when it is complete.  We have quite a bit of work ahead of us.  

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