Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mirrored TV Table

Today I was suppose to show you a garage sale project I was working on, but I ended up going shopping yesterday and didn't finish it.  I needed to get some more spray paint for it, return a shirt for Tom at TJ Maxx, and ohhh... I some how ended up at Homegoods.  It's funny how that seems to always happen to me.  I actually had a $50.00 gift certificate so I wanted to find something cool.  We have been talking about how we need a new TV stand.  I wasn't sure what to get until I found this beauty.
But I was also torn because I really liked this stool.
I couldn't get both, so I called Tom to get his opinion.  We finally decided to go with this.
It was $150.00, but I had a $50.00 gift card, so it cost $110.00 with tax included.  It is perfect for a flat screen TV that we don't have yet.  We are going to have to save a little while for that.  This puts the furniture total for out there at.......$449.00.  That is not bad at all.....
It's doesn't seem to be raining today, so I will be spray painting my garage sale makeover and showing you tomorrow.  It is so cute by the way.  Have a good day!

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