Friday, June 15, 2012

Gold Curtains

I got some curtains for the porch the other day.  I wanted to have gold curtains.  I love the look of  black, white, and gold with touches of silver.  I convinced Tom to hang the curtain rod for me, and I put the curtains up.

UPDATE:  I thought the curtains needed a little something, something.....So I added some white sheers behind.  What do you think?

    The windows that it is covering is what used to be an outdoor window, as the porch was an addition.  It is ugly, so it needs to be covered.   
     I hope to of course go to some garage sales this weekend.  Adams baseball team is moving on to the championships, and he made the all star team!   School is out for the summer, so I will be a little busier than I usually am.   Have an awesome weekend!
I decided to put the gold curtains on clips.  I think it looks better.

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