Saturday, June 2, 2012

Painters Tape Design Wall

I am so excited about the art we did on the porch.  I was watching the Kardashians one night, and saw Kris Jenners new office.  I noticed one of the walls that she did and loved it!  It was black with the white Greek key stencil all over it.  I did not want to do a stencil, but I thought why not do something with painters tape.  So Tom and I got to work on it.  Tom was doing most of the taping, and I was helping.

When the taping was complete, Tom went through and triple checked to make sure all the tape was sealed good to the wall, we wanted crisp lines....I cough as I say that.  When we were sure the tape was tight we painted the wall black.  Holy scary....  Painting black is intimidating..  Tom put the paint on heavy because we only wanted to paint one coat, and we wanted to  take the tape off as soon as it started to dry.  We were literally watching paint dry, then decided it was time.  This is what we we saw next....

There were some lines that did bleed, which made us so mad.  The good part about taking paint off early though is that you can use your finger nail to chip the major bleed through lines off.  It is a tedious job but worth it.  I still have a couple spots to touch up, but the overall job is awesome.  A very important thing you want to remember to do that we didn't is wash your wall down before taping.  Tom sanded the wood work in there and we never washed the wall down.  The bleed through could have been from the tape not being able to seal good due to dust on the wall. I can't believe we forgot to do this... Oh well it still feels like you are walking into a resort or something when you go in there.  The carpet is so soft on your feet, and the pattern is so cool too.
 The carpet is dark grey, but it looks brown in these pictures.. Don't know why.
The cool unintended thing about the wall is there seems to be W's on it which is the first letter of our last name.  It is so cool...  I don't feel normal in there, it feels like Hollywood..  I still have a ton to do in there, but this is the wall. 


  1. This looks fabulous. Great job. - Brandy

  2. Gorgeous! Wow! I'm a huge fan of FrogTape!

    Thanks so much for sharing your hard work and beautiful focus wall!

    1. Thanks so much for saying you like my wall! What a compliment! I will be adding some really cute stuff in there, and think it'll look a lot better.

  3. Hey! I am curious if you have a lot of visitors of your blog?


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