Thursday, June 7, 2012

Record Console Table

I am such a sucker for the vintage record console tables.  Tom and I have been on the search for one for a couple years now.  Tom is very specific about what he wants.  The table has to have a working record player, radio, and eight track player.  It would be nice if there was a little bar inside, not required.  The mini bar would just be an awesome bonus.  The wood on the outside of the table also has to be superb.  I don't have so many requirements, I just want the all the electronics to work, and be a good looking piece.  I found a cool one on craigslist the other day, and Tom said "no".  He thought it was nice, but just not the perfect one. Toms daughter was over the other day and mentioned she wanted a record player like the one I got for Christmas from Urban Outfitters for her birthday next week.

  I showed her the one I saw on craigslist and she was all in.  It is a fabulous piece from 1968.  It had one owner and was well cared for.  All the guts work great, and it sounds awesome too!  It was $125.00.  She is so excited, her first vintage item.   I have to admit that I am jealous as all get out.  I really like it!  These are the pics of it.  How cool, you actually get to see the deal going down in pic below.

 I love the legs on it the best!  Can't you just feel the nostalgia?  Come on, can't you?
I hope to have a post on my special craigslist purchase coming soon!  It's exciting and new.... you must sing that in rhythm to the Love Boat theme...  

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  1. Don't you just love craigslist?! Can't wait to see your finds!


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