Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Entryway Marble Makeover

I never posted about the entryway makeover we did here at the house a little less than a year ago.  We had an old greenish slate tile floor.  It looked dirty and weathered so it was time for a new look. We also had to remove an old railing that separated the entry from the living room.  We wanted a more open concept and this defeated that idea.

You can see the vertical piece of hardwood with the holes in it to the right of Noah's feet, that is where the balusters had attached to the wood floor.  We thought it would be a good idea to put a strip of black granite there to outline the new floor and replace that old piece of wood.
Tom started to rip out the old tile and it came up very easy which was a welcome surprise.  

When it was finally all up, Tom had to replace the sub floor.  This was a nightmare.  The floor was screwed in with 1000 screws, along with glue.  We didn't want to tile over the old subfloor because we would have had a lip from the tiles to the wood, and we wanted the tile to be even with the wood.  Tom finally got it all up and placed the granite around the floor.  He put some weights on the granite to make sure it stayed flat and in place.  The granite was around $200.00  it had to be cut to size at a local granite store (cha ching).  It was nice because it matched the piece of granite that was used on the top part of the firebox of the fireplace.  When we did the fireplace makeover we decided that we liked the marble so much we bought extra marble for the entryway.  They were so cheap that our tiles for the entry were around $187.00. 
We bought the backer board at Lowe's.
Tom then screwed it into the plywood sub floor underneath.
 Tom tiled and grouted the new floor, and this was the result.  It is fabulous.  It really brightened the room up, and goes perfectly with the fireplace.
We are going to get to pantry doors when we get some extra money.  (yeah when does that happen?  Maybe with tax return money.)

Hope you have a good night!


  1. Your entry looks great. I'm so impressed! How I wish I was a DYI-er. Look how much money you saved and the great results.

    1. Thank you so much, it was a labor of love! The blog makes it sound easy. Thanks 4 reading!


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