Monday, July 16, 2012

Deck Progress

Yesssss I got my cord and I am back in business.  These are some pictures of the new deck.  The deck looks great, and I am so amazed that Tom and his friend Tom were able to do it because it was so freaking hot out.  When you are getting wood for a project like this DO NOT just depend on Home Depot or Lowes.  They quoted us around $2300.00 for the wood.  We called somewhere local... Sticks and Stuff for those of you from Vermont and it was $780.00.  That is a HUGE savings.  This allows a little wiggle room for special touches.

They then started the frame work.  That little area in front of the doors used to be our tiny deck.
See that sun coming out, bring on the heat.
After the frame was up they put the beams in that would hold the floor.  I am sure there is probably a technical name for this, just telling what I saw.
Boom, we actually felt like we had a deck at this point.  It had to stay like this for a couple of days due to a little thing called Tom's job.
The railing was put up a couple days later, along with the metal balusters.  Tom had a !@@#% of  job with those.  He had to put a plastic washer between the wood and the baluster, leaning over the other side of the railing because that is where they screw into, and sun blazing on him (I just had to vacuum the pool and that wasn't even fun.)  Those were a little pricey, but love the look and think they will hold up better than the wood standard balusters.  The metal railings were $500.00, but since we saved so much on the wood we still paid less then what we would have going to Lowe's or Depot.
This is how it is looking now.  The decor will be different when all is said and done.  I need to think it out before we jump into anything.  We are also going to add some sliding doors to the right of where you see that table that will go into our bedroom.  I don't think we will be doing that this year, probably next.
I love the balusters, and the copper caps for the posts.  They are solar and light up at night.  Tom is going to build a gate going down the stairs to the pool deck as an extra line of defense for the little ones.
The stairs and hand rail are not done yet, but they are going to be sharp. 
Next year we are going to get a new fence for around the pool, but it still looks good for now!
But I have to say my favorite part is at night!  It feels like you are at a resort or something.  The water is so pretty.  We went for a swim the other night, and toasted with some champagne.

This has been a long time coming! So proud of Tom and his friend Tom they did an awesome job!

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  1. Awesome! They did do a great job and I bet you're just thrilled to have it done - amazing space to entertain!


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