Monday, July 23, 2012

Bowling Pin

I have this little spot in the living room that I never know what to do with.  I actually wish it wasn't there because I am never satisfied with what I do.  
It's a built in cubby with mirror.  I thought about adding some color in there, or some sort of design technique and that didn't work.  I found this sticky paper at Goodwill that you use when your in high school to cover your books for a dollar.
Then I put it on the mirror, and added a peice of electrical tape down the center.  This is so embarrassing, but you never know till you try.
I hated it.  I then was like alright, I have a bowling pin that I got at Goodwill last year and decided to put it in there.  It at least looks clean and simple.  I hate the clutter look.

 This is the view from the couch where I do my blogging.  The table that the TV is on is about to change.  I hate that thing.  I hope to have it all situated soon.
Sorry about the crappy photos.  I need to get a new camera, the IPhone isn't cutting it anymore.  Our laptop is literally on it's last legs too!  The little ones have knocked it down, and now the screen is falling apart, and I think I am getting third degree burns from it sitting on my leg right now.
That screen should be more attached to the computer.  Hope you all are having a good Monday.  It is about to storm here.

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