Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Deck Building in Process

The power cord on our computer is broken, so we put some black electrical tape on it for the time being.  I couldn't post yesterday, because we didn't have anymore tape because I used it all to make the light sabers from Adams birthday party.  
The deck is currently in the process of being built.  It is coming along quite fast, so I will show the progress tomorrow.  I can't wait for this new space to our home.  It has been so hot that the thought of being able to go swimming anytime we want is so exciting!  
I went on to craigslist a few weeks ago and saw these large light up letters from an old Winn Dixie sign for sale.  They only had a W, I, and N left.  I told Tom about it last night and we realized we want the W for our new deck.  W is the beginning of our last name.  The W is large 3ft tall,  and 5 ft long.  We are going to light it up out there and use the ends of the W for drinks or whatever we want.  This is a picture of it.

This is the picture off of craigslist.  I think it will be awesome.  Still working with seller about cost, and pick up time.
 I Can't wait to show progress tomorrow on deck.  Have an awesome day!

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  1. Oh how I love those letters! The W is perfect for you...think I would have to purchase the other two just because. Also think the airplance is very cool. Just found your blog and am enjoying it. Good luck on your cord.


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