Thursday, July 5, 2012

This and That

This summer I will be having my twenty year class reunion.  I have of course been dieting, shopping, and thinking of the past.  I pulled out my senior yearbook and remembered a time that seems like just yesterday. That night I went to bed and my brain started racing.  I feel like most of the decor ideas I come up with happen when I am laying in bed.  I thought why do we leave our yearbooks downstairs never to be looked at?  Tom and I will sometimes chat about things that happened to us in high school, and people we knew like most of you probably do.  I decided to move the books upstairs to the dining room.  I put them under our Pottery Barn phone.  I love the retro feel and having them at our fingertips.  Check it out.
Last Saturday in our garage sale adventures we picked up this big airplane to hang in Noah's room.  It was only a buck, and thought it would look cool hanging from his ceiling..
We used fishing line to hang it.
I need to do some rearranging and cleaning up in his room, but it is pretty cool overall.  C- ya later.

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