Monday, November 1, 2010

Fork Easel

So.......We wanted to be able to display the record we are playing on top of the cool new red cabinet but were not quite sure how to do it.  We thought that not only would it be cool to check out the album as art, but could check out what songs are next and sometimes read the lyrics (one of the cool things about records, they always have the lyrics).   I searched online to find something homemade, because I don't know about the rest of you but it is cold here and don't want to get off my takiss. (yeah.. however you spell that)  I found this idea to use a fork as an easel.   All you have to do is bend the first and last tong of the fork forward, then bend the two middle tongs back.  I bent the tips up of the first and last tongs to hold the album better.  It is an awesome idea I wish I could take credit for.  It would be great for displaying books, recipes, pictures, and whatever else.  I found the idea here and it is fab. Here are the pics. 

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