Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Black Friday Mantel

To all who know us we like Thanksgiving,  but....................................... we LOVE Black Friday.  I mean we get to Best Buy at around 2pm on Thanksgiving day.  It is like a big tailgate party.  I wanted to display that on our mantel.  I spray painted six pumpkins black, and stenciled "Friday" on them.  I got the coolest new item at the hardware store, it's 5x6 metal flashing for 39 cents a piece.  I love this stuff.  I stenciled "Black" on those and hung them on a piece of drift wood.  I had a metal square sign I had gotten some time ago at a craft show. I used magnets to form the number of the big day.  I had a big black clothes pin I had gotten at Pottery Barn a long time ago that I put a calendar with the 26th circled.  OHHHH and did I mention the boxing gloves.  Ha ha ha, well maybe we'll need them, it does get pretty sketchy sometimes.  Here are the pics.

 This is the metal flashing.  You can totally paint on them, my mind is racing with ideas!

I am entering the Thanksgiving contest at CSI project.


  1. That is so cool! I've never seen Black Friday Decor before! Maybe you will start a new trend because I think we all love Black Friday shopping! Your newest follower!

  2. I agree you're going to start a new trend! I am in love with that metal flashing! Going to the HW store tomorrow in search of some. Came over from the DIY Show Off Fall Festival.

  3. This is SO clever!! I adore the boxing glove...ha! Just a few more Fridays;)

  4. Oh!! Nice blog post here and you are going to right way for new trend and i wait for this trend on 2010 black friday and looking forward post about new trend while post a new blog..

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  5. I featured this post on my sidebar for blog of the week. I love it.

  6. BTW I wanted to add your name to my write up but I can't find it anywhere on your blog.


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