Saturday, August 14, 2010

A few changes around here

It has been a very busy weekend already.  We went garage saleing yesterday, and got some wonderful things, plus we made the decision to lose the red wall in our living room.  The whole family went garage saleing, and my step daughter Brianna got some really cute lights.  They are white, made of paper, and are really tall.  Brianna is doing a jungle theme in her bedroom, and wanted to spray paint them brown with touches of gold.  I was JEALOUS, they are FAB!  She paid $1.00 a piece for them.  Here are some B & A's on them.
I had purchased a wicker vase at Goodwill sometime ago, but it was black, and for the first time ever I think I wanted something white.  This is the only type of big art options I have with a one year old around, tearing the joint up.  I knew at least if this falls on his head it will not hurt.  I love the way it turned out!  Tom was nice enough to spray paint it for me.  We all did some sort of painting yesterday, melt my heart!  These are the B & A's on the new wicker art.

This was the final project of the day/night, painting the red wall in the living room.  This wall has been driving me nuts.  It has literally controlled my decorating for the past year.  We painted it this color, because my friend Laura in Florida did, and it looks great.  This is a wonderful lesson, what looks good in one house doesn't necessarily look good in yours.  I have been through every phase possible decorating wise to try and make myself like it.  The madness had to end, hence the accent wall now turning to white.  It turned out fabulous in my opinion, and finally feel free to decorate the way I like.  We are just getting used to it, but already we all love it! Here are the B & A's on this last project.

I got this cute basket with grass at a garage sale yesterday too.  I have this random little cut out in the wall with a mirror behind it, thought this would work.  Those rented movies on the TV are so late, why do I rent them, not to mention the little one got a hold of the dvd remote, and it is no where to be found.

If anyone knows me, they know I hate snakes, frogs, any reptile. Noah found this little guy in the yard and I wasn't scared, of course he was the size of a quarter.

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