Friday, August 6, 2010

Garage Sale and Goodwill Day

Today I hit an awesome garage sale!  I got a beautiful trunk, big mirror, and Home Depot workbench for my little one.  I sometimes think I have ESP, because when I think of something I want at a garage sale I usually find it.  The other night when Tom was making the cornice box for the entry off the garage, my one year old was obsessed with his drill.  Tom was going to let him play with it, until I let him know he might drill his eyeball out.  I told Tom that I will have to find a toy one for him at a garage sale, fast forward to today.  I was bringing Adam to his last day of swimming lessons today when I spotted an unadvertised garage sale, and there it was, in all it's $1.50 glory, a complete Home Depot tool bench for kids.  I was so amazed, $1.50 I knew the prices would be good there.  The trunk was $10.00 which needs a little cleaning up, and a big mirror for Adams room $1.00, oh lordy was I happy.  I will be showing some before and afters on those fabulous purchases when I get to them. 
I also went to Goodwill hoping my string of bargains would continue, but I was not impressed with the home decor section, so I moved on over to the clothes.  Tom surprised me last night with an unexpected trip to Old Orchard Beach, Maine we are leaving on Sunday.  I was so excited! LOBSTER!! I thought maybe I could find a cute dress for the trip, and I did!  I will post pics upon putting it on.  I saw the smallest cloche ever at Goodwill, almost bought it as a joke, but didn't. 
I hope to hit more garage sales tomorrow, until then I am taking the night off from crafting.
It is also with sadness that I mention that Adam's Great Grandmother passed away this morning, she was 94.  We went and saw her last night, and said our goodbyes.  I hope she is at peace, and seeing her son and husband in heaven.

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