Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pantry Makeover

Here is the before pic of the pantry that is actually in the living room on the opposite wall of the fireplace.  This is also the entry you see when you come in the front door.  When Tom re tiled the fireplace, we bought the same tile for the floor in the entry way, so keep that in mind when looking at this area. It will be a fabulous before and after, it is a fall project for us, Tom is working on an outdoor project right now.
This is what it looked like when you opened the doors of the pantry, I know holy pack rat.  We had put this project off for awhile, but decided it was time to tame that monster.
Would you believe we just get everything out of the closet, and BOOM Noah starts waking up from his nap.  Noah usually sleeps for a couple hours, noooo not when I have this, and may I remind you bloggie people this is where we hang out the most, this would be a one years olds dream to get into all this business. So anyway he woke up after a half hour, luckily Tom took over the job.
Noah finally had his second nap, and again for some reason woke up after a half and hour, that at least aloud me enough time to do a little work.  We had decided we wanted to be able to label the pantry, so Tom cut these pieces of wood to put on the edge of each shelf.   We primed them, and then nailed  to the edge of the shelf.
We then decided to organize and fill the pantry, I thought that painting the white piece of wood with chalkboard paint for labeling would help keep us organized and look cool too.  (I feel a chalkboard intervention coming on, I love this stuff. MAGIC)  I have to mention that I know the handwriting isn't great, one I don't write good in general, and two I had my little one at my feet the whole time.  I challenge all of you to that.
I also wanted to put chalkboard paint on the edge of our closet in the entry off the garage.  I have baskets with hats, scarfs, and mittens.  I thought it would look good, and be functional.
  This was a very rewarding challenge for us.  It is so nice to actually see what we have to eat.  I do know we need to go grocery shopping now.
And here the biggest challenge to keeping this pantry organized little NoNo (Noah's nickname since birth, and can I just say not a good one.  We are constantly like NO NONO. I don't think he could be more confused.)  Can you believe we actually had the canned goods on the lowest shelf for a little while.

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  1. That looks like a big project! I have a pantry/coat closet too and I'm always wondering how to maximize the space. Looks good!


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