Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New makeover

Yesterday Tom and I were doing some errands when we decided to slipcover our ottoman. We have a black leather couch set, and ottoman. We felt there was too much black and wanted a change. We decided to go to our local fabric store and do some zebra, I love zebra, and the living room needed some pop. The fabric was expensive! It cost $21.00 a yard, we bought two yards. When we got home Tom cut the fabric for me, he cut it in a plus sign shape. It looked like this(+) after he cut it. We did this so we would only have four seams to sew. When Tom finished cutting it I lugged out the ol' Singer sewing machine. I am not a huge fan of sewing, but no choice, had to. We sewed the first seam close to the edge so we could judge the fit when we slipped it over the ottoman. It wasn't as tight a fit as we wanted, so we sewed in an additional seam to have it fit more snug. It looks awesome. I am going to attempt to do a couple pillows today, I had quite a bit of left over material . Wish me luck.

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